Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Resting and thinking

I had a full day rest of Monday recovering from the run the day before. Legs were still wobbly and muscle aching everywhere but thank god, there's no sign of injury pain. I guess the body was still in shock and working itself adapting to the new intense activity. Recovery went well. I ate fresh and mostly, food with high liquid content. Added a few carbo based meal for cell recovery.
Slowly but surely im recovering better than before. I find my recovery rate has improved quite considerably lately. Maybe the brain is responding to the many beatings the body has taken the last few weeks.

Wifey will be on an outstation assigment for two weeks and i'm thinking hard how am i suppose to structure my training during the period.

I have no maid. So, i will have my hands full doing chores while having a rare wonderful father-and-son time together messing the house. We are preparing ourselves for a nagging session with mommy when she's back next week. Haha...

Many had suggested to put my son at my mom's house and i go doing my training but the house has turned into a mini nursery during the school holidays. I know i need just about an hour a day to keep the regime going but looks like finding the hour is difficult within these constraints.
Oh well, maybe i stick to strength training using the dumb bells and body weight type exercises and less cardio work.

Friends are going to a new route for cycling this Saturday and my endorphin is flowing already but i cant help thinking i will not be able to join them. Urrghhh...

fatherhood dilemma.

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