Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ever since the A'famosa funfare, i'd received numerous questions about myself ranging from who i am? what do i do? how did i loose 44kg? what do i eat? how do i look like before? does it hurt being teased upon?..... and macam2 lagi. Some were nasty but others were plain sincere and curious questions.

Nak jawab semua soalan mmg tak sempat and sometime letih gak nak jawab soalan yg sama. It is not that i'm complaining but not answering these questions would not do any justice to people who are in the same dilemma/frustration/sufferings as i was before.

If my stories would inspire others to realise their dream, desire and hope for a brighter future, thus, i dont mind sharing it.

However, please do not take my self-exposure as a mean for me to say out loud of what i'd achieved or myself, seeking cheap publicity....but instead please use it as a motivation pill for you to achieve the unthinkable and daring to challenge yourself to the brink of one's limit. At this point of time last year, it was unthinkable for me.

In short, without going into details, below are my pix which should sum up a bit of everything :


July 07

Feb 08

I still have a long way to go and i am no where near the expected BMI of any normal person.

I hope this move does not backfire nor attract any unnecessary attention and i pledge your continuous support in this journey of my own.


carebear said...

You're the meaning in my life
You're the inspiration
You bring feeling to my life
You're the inspiration


zulhassan said...

semakin hari , semakin hensem :D

OP Kam said...

I didn't post my before & after pix.... hmmm, maybe I should post them on my blog.

Bro... u r no different from me. We started just because we want to lose weight.... but soon bro... soon u will get hooked up to all the races... there are never enuf of races... all u want to know is how far can u go, how fast can u do, how fit can u be??? You keep on breaking yr personal best... and that is the ineffable feeling to describe.

Otagai ni gambarimashou!!!!