Thursday, May 15, 2008


After two days of lazing around resting, I went for the recovery run yesterday.

Kampung Pandan Sports Complex.

I was running slowly, lap after lap, when suddenly an elderly chap passed me and said, "Keep going. Dont give-up. You have good stamina."

I was surprised, he must be watching me for awhile.

5km run. Total kcal = 1456. Time = 33mins 22 sec.

Later, went to play a good 2-hours of tennis.

Recovering well.


Tey said...

wah..6 mins pace..for 5km..good good...keep it up.

Stupe said...

damn fast right?

Upiq said...


I dunno what's got into me yesterday. im also baffled with the timing. maybe something wrong with the HRM? or maybe the adrenalin rush hasnt subsided.

But i felt good.

RA 84-88E said...


I can do the run and cycling but I can't swim 500km. Dang!!!!!

Keep going bro you are the best.


Anonymous said...

We met at Shazly house during his open house. The handsome looking mamak.

Just want to let you know that I have used you. I have used your "story" and thanks to you, there will be additional 3 people in PD tri.

You have proved yet again that with determination... nothing is impossible...WELL DONE! Tabik SPring!


Upiq said...

RA : 10 months ago, i dont run, know nothing about cycling and the last time i swam was 17 years ago.

give it a try, bro.

Anonymous : Ko Jamil, ek? If yes, i do remember you.

I am thrilled that my story inspire others as once upon a time i was inspired by others too.

Anonymous said...

Yes ... u remember! I am touched ...

Anonymous said...


Previously, I thought losing weight and getting my cholesterol down were my only predicament. I'm now 14% fat @ 67kg but now I have another predicament - your challenge ayooo!!! ok2 I will "try" to kacau Bandit and Stupe.


Upiq said...

Jamil : Mesti ingat sbb ko sorang jer yg tegur aku masa kat open house tuh. The rest of the guests were either established IMs or triathlete or ironmonyets. Takut akuuuu..

RA : 14% fat @ 67kg? Wahlauuu. im double your size, man. You'l be half dead if i sit on you.

Anonymous said...

Upiq, you're so funny. Wait, let me get my road bike than I can join you. If I use my MTB I'll get back ache.