Friday, May 16, 2008


A few people called up and asked how did i manage my nutrition intake during the Afamosa Tri.

Well, here's it what i did :

0545hrs - 1 cup of coffee (no sugar) followed by 'sitting down' session.
0600hrs - 1 bun (no cream/filling)
0615hrs - 1 cup of coffee (no sugar) followed by 'sitting down' session.
0620hrs - Cereal with low fat milk and 2 sliced bananas
0630hrs - 1 Powerbar

During Race
3km into the cycling course - 1 Powergel
1km into the running course - 1 Powergel
3km before the finishing line - 1 Powergel (thanks IM Azmar..!!)

Water station
I took at least one cup of whateva drinks they served at every station. Yes, including diluted 100Plus for the slow coaches.

I felt a bit bloated during the run (too much water i guess) but it subsided after while.

Note : Never leave your 100Plus/Gatorade-filled water bottle in the freezer for that extra minutes of freezing effect bcos in the midst of the excitement, you may forget about it. Take it out and keep it near your bike on the morning of the race.

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