Friday, May 30, 2008

Low High

Except for a couple of weight training, i have not done much in the last five days. No cardio, no aerobic, no HIIT and no anaerobic exercise - unless pulling out dumbells is considered as part of anaerobic training.

Low in activity but major resting time.

I was told resting should be also part of any training regime and we must devote as much time to resting in the midst of the many training sessions. My body has recovered completely and ready to go again.

Tomoro, we will be doing approx 80km of cycling around Langat area. Some say, an introduction to the Broga loop but we will not be attempting the evil Broga fearing that it will scare away the newbies (like me..!!) in the future. Genting Peres will be on the menu and i have never climb it before. i must get my legs fresh for her.

Adrenalin is high and i cant wait till tomoro comes.

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