Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long runs

When i started exercising 10 months ago, 1km was already seemed like a long run. Whenever i completed it, i would be satisfied for the whole day and the pain that came with it will last for the next 24 hours.

Then, a 1km long run became 3km. Then, 5km. Then 7km. The distance kept getting further and further. Recently, i have been busybody with a couple of 10km runs. Each time i finished a 10km run - i would take a full day rest the day after just to recover.

The longest time i'd spent on runnning was 1hr27mins which i'd done in A'famosa and speculation, it was less than 10km.

Naturally, i hate running. I hated it since i was a kid. You cant blame me for hating it as it came from someone who'd the excess baggages everywhere around his body in his entire life. No matter how slow i am, running has never been easy for me.

However, today i broke another mental barrier. It was a test of courage. A test of how much i want to keep this journey of mine alive.

I took a challenge to run the Bkt Aman-Hartamas-Bkt Aman route. Never done this before. Never even dare to imagine it. Today, i'd decided to give it a try. Chief Kutu and IM Stupe said it is a 20km route, 10km one way. Gulpppp...

Aini said, to break the run into two. Think 10km x 2, rest half-way for refuelling.

Abu said, to keep it going eventhough if i'd to run-walk-walk to finish.

I followed both.

1st 10km = 1hr22mins.
2nd 10km = 1hr18mins
Total time = 2hrs40mins
Max bpm = 173 (92%)
Avg bpm = 147 (78%)
Total calorie burned = 5455kcal

I did it.

Separuh mati.


Chief Kutu said...

Awesome lah OP Upiq & keep it up & don't forget to take your Carbo!

tryathlete said...

dude, keep this up and an ironman will be within your reach. great job!

Anonymous said...

Tabik spring la bro ... 2.40 is superb.


Dancing Ciken said...


wowww, well done upiq!

bola2api said...

kau aku dah ckp, mesti buleh buat punya..

kalo kau tanya AJ, to him, nothing is impossible, with a little bit of strategy..

well done. train smart. the thing that doesn't kill you will make you stronger

Upiq said...

Chief : Carbo is part of my diet but in a controlled portion.

tryathlete : Ironman? Gulpppp... sakit bang, sakit..

Eraser : very slow bro. was down to walking pace towards the end. I didnt wear a proper attire, thus, chaffing in between the thighs.

Jaja : if speechless, sing larr. jaga pitching tuh.

Aini : i dunno whether im using the right strategy or not. So far, the mind is still there and the pain is bearable.

zulhassan said...

kalau nak seribu daya :D

OP Kam said...

Bro.... remember you are no longer average joe but SUPER JOE!!!