Thursday, March 12, 2009

High on drugs

I managed to squeeze a short 5.5km today. 35mins 43sec. Slow but i felt good.

Spent another 30mins on body weight circuit training at an explosive pace. Pain but satisfied.

I have started feeling the effects of drugs gushing through my body. Yes, a natural drug produced by our own body. Endorphin.

This is exactly what i've been working for - at least for the past two weeks. The sweetness of exercising. The after effects aka 'high' feeling upon ending an exercise programme. Raring to go on the next routine.

Unlike prescription, over-the-counter, and street drugs; endorphins are produced within the human body for free, and without all the icky side effects. There is no question that endorphins make us feel good. So how do we harness this feel good power?

The number one way to release endorphins is exercise. I will assume that everyone has heard of exercise by now and will not dwell on this point other than to say that it works and has many well known side benefits. Not only is exercise good for the body but it makes the body feel good.

Certain foods can release endorphins; usually these are stimulating foods such as hot peppers, horseradish and wasabi. Chocolate also releases a small amount of endorphins.

Stress is also a great producer of endorphins. Stress is a bucket kind of word that includes all types of emotional stimulation. Stress and pressure are positive or negative based upon circumstance and the individual's response to each circumstance.

When the body's fight or flight mechanism kicks in, an adrenaline response is guaranteed. This explains why so many people like scary movies, roller coasters, and extreme sports. We like getting excited. It feels good.

It has been shown that life is what we make of it. Endorphins are Nature's way of letting us know how life is supposed to feel. By choosing lifestyles and attitudes that carry opportunity for positive endorphin release we can bring more good feelings into our daily lives.

Feel good. Get out. Be active. Eat well. Have fun. Be happy.

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