Monday, March 16, 2009


After a nite of delicious satay feast with the IM finishers plus a miserable MU drubbing by the Kops, i just feel like i need to burn some calories.

Thus, on a bright Sunday morning, Jim, Bobo and me decided to take a stroll at the Alam Damai park.

The morning stroll gradually turned into slow jog/walk. We managed to squeeze running up the stairs and also did an intensive body weight circuit training. 5 routines, 3 sets with 20 seconds rest in between sets. Pecah dada beb.

Today, the biceps/triceps/glute/thighs are in pain. Good pain.

Muscles are repairing and building new cells. Had to practically walk like a monkey all day long.

The good thing is, we made our training counted.

I am still 'high'.....

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