Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easing in

It's been more than a week since the Ironman Langkawi 2009 had ended but the euphoria and the joy are stilll very much in the air. Much of the celebrations remain in a very specific minority group cum family but i felt privileged to be able to sit around these bravehearts and listen in awe to the many inspiring, courageous and heroic stories/videos/photos which the world out there has no clue at all.

Truly, The IM bravehearts deserve all the credits and my utmost respect, tabik spring for they have achieved in Langkawi.

Anyway, i am glad February is over now. Many things had happened (mostly good things) but i dont wish to share in here. I have gained 4kgs over the past two months. I take it as a sign of prosperity to start the year and not all is gloomy or bleak like the economy. At least i have something to cheer and look forward to each i come back home. The house is getting merrier, busier and happier.

After a long break, March 09 is where i will re-ignite the whole journey once again.

For the past two weeks, i have been taking a lot of small steps gauging my thirst and crave for conditioning, training and dieting. It's definintely hard to initiate the first few steps but it's the most important step of all.

It's hard to get up early and put on your shoes.
It's hard to refuse good food.
It's hard to pack the bike and shove in the car.
It's easy to skip training with current weather condition.
It's easy to wake-up late with the baby around.
It's easy to slack in training when you're drown at your desktop.

bla bla bla bla.... Yes. Excuses, excuses, excuses....

A lot of friends are taking post-IM break (the supporters too) and i guess this is the best time for me to start all over again. Myself and me. Best friends 4eva. In reality, no one will pick up the pieces until you do-it-yourself.

I have started watching my food intake.
- Yes, tofu is on my plate again.

I have started sleepin early.
- Yes, i dont even know that MU won 4-0 until two days later.

I have started hitting the tarmac.
- Yes, hill work. working on resistance training.

I have cycled the past two weekends.
- Yes, albeit leisurely.

I am running out of fresh socks.
- Yes, it's normal when i am active.

I woke up at 545am last Sunday.
- Yes, it's not as difficult as last Sunday.

I have a preliminary programme mentally.
- Yes, a well thought programme.

Basically, i am easing into my training mode. Reconditioning and mental acceptance that the work has just begun.

I have different targets this year. Yes, multiple targets.

I am inspired.


Anonymous said...

Upiq, Will you be joining the IM league in 2010? You can do it. S

Upiq said...

2 years ago, IM was a far fetched wild imagination..

1 year ago, IM was just a dream..

IM 2010? a probable goal.. but i'm not counting the chicken yet...

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way since that night you walked up to the Casino with us. Follow the 2009 OD tri's, survive Desaru, then you are on the road to kona. S

Upiq said...

Yeah... got conned by you larr...

Dunno yet. Let it be a dream first.