Saturday, March 14, 2009

BT 18 hujan tak? Takkk...

It's 615am..

It's pouring like cats and dogs...

And Shazly answered my SMS as above.

True enough, (this guy always gets it right). Upon reaching BT18, the rain really stopped. Haha... unbelievable.

IM Shazly, IM Adeline, Mac, Bandit and me waiting for IM Stupe. He got up late..!! Mentang2 lar IM dah habis, ikut suka hati engkau jer, ek? kalau tak, 530am dah jogging cam orang giler.

We rolled-out half past eight. Reached tekala one hour later. I did speed work intervals with IM Adeline. Best gak.

kat Tekala, IM Stupe whacked two nasi lemak. Mentang lar IM dah habis, ikut suka hati engkau jer, ek? kalau tak, minum pon tak nak sampai kencing berdarah.

By this time, it was splendid weather. The sun only came out at around 10am and blue sky all over.

We rolled-back and i remembered the uphill near the dam where i used to dropped and pushed my bike in my newbie days. Seksa. This time around, i paced myself and felt good on the legs. Kept grinding and mashing till the top without much pain. Clearly, the many hillwork and lower body resistance training sessions are working.

Anyway, we got back to the Simpang Tiga and regrouped. On the way back to BT18, did another round of speed intervals with Bandit. Best gak.

Kat BT18, we had another round of nasi lemak. Lauk tambah. Air sedap. Air Jambu wehhhhh...

I'm still high on endorphin.

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