Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After a two full days of resting, i went out for a short run today. A recovery run, sort of.

Recovery rate has been better now. By mid-day today, i felt fresh again which in the past it would normally take three days to reach similar condition.

Most importantly, there's no sign of injuries or pain. I dont even need to pop up Ponstan (pain killer) pill which normally i would. I dont even take any recovery or protein drinks this time around. Body, legs, shoulder and mind are responsive and alert. Very good sign.

I'm spending quality time at home with my precious loved ones. Taking my mind off triathlon and SBR for awhile. Race report had taken a back seat as ive been collecting PD tri photos from various sources and will piece everything together when the mind is ready.

Training may start again tomorrow before picking up the pace as the weekend comes nearer.

In the meantime, im enjoying the rest and the body deserve its reward.

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