Saturday, July 11, 2009

All systems go

I did a quick what Yusran called Body System Testing (BST) yesterday and today.

Yesterday, i went for a quick swimming practice and except being slow as usual, i dont foresee any major problem.

Today, woke up at 530am (that's how the biological weekend clock works now) and went out for a quick ride (approx 10km) around the house to check and ensure that the bike is in good condition. More importantly, reminding the muscles what they're suppose to do tomorrow.

Got home, i swapped the bike with the running shoes and hit road approx 3km.

After all this, i felt fine and good. I passed the BST. Now, resting and enjoying some quality family time. This is also the best time to do mental conditioning and visualize how the race would tomorrow.

Personally, speed is not my concern. I not competing with anyone nor the time. Im competing with myself. Defeat myself, i shall.

Finally, good luck and best wishes to everyone. See you at the finishing line..!!!

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