Saturday, May 30, 2009

Keeping active

Since the NB15k, i have re-focused my training away from running. Im giving my feet the well deserved rest after piling up the mileage of more than 100km per month prior to the NB15km. It might seemed a lot to some but it's actually just an average of 25km per week and approx 3.5km per day. If you break up your training into small portions, you will gain the mileage and base volume without even noticing it or suffer the agony.

Ive heard too many stories about plantar fasciitis, knee/ankle/heel pain etc and whenever i felt my body needs a break, i will listen to it. Infact, resting is a form of training too.

Anyway, for variety sake, ive switched to playing sports such as tennis, badminton, squash and golf in the past two weeks. This is also to kill the boredom and keep my mind away from swim, bike and run. Nonetheless, cycling is a permanent workout during weekends thanks largely to the reunification with an old uni buddy who'd recently being hit by the cycling bug. After 4 weeks, my buddy manged to cover on average of 60km per session on his sleek tyre MTB. I think the distance is not too much neither too little. Just nice to keep the body system active. Due to the volume of training, ive also lost another 4kgs in the last month. Every pound i loose, im a pound nearer to my target.

From my experience, running is one of the most effective way to loose weight. So, if you wish to shed that extra pounds, get a reasonable comfortable shoe and start walking/brisk walking and eventually run. It doesnt cost much and you can do it almost at all places.

There are a few races coming up this month but the ones that i may participate are Xterra (off-road triathlon) and Stan Chart (running). I havent decided yet (yeah, working life been taking my training time away, a lot) but i wish i have the can at least participate in one of them.

Above all, let's not keep ourselves glued to the tv or the couch. Force yourself out of the couch and get the butt kicking.

Will the real you please stand up? Please stand up.

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