Monday, June 1, 2009

Brick... sort of

Sunday, 31/5/2009

Fasek (uni buddy) got hold a road bike after four weeks toiling with the old work horse, my legendary MTB.

He came with a brand new pair of shoes and cycling jersey. He came not knowing the overall menu yet.

Weather was fine. Yeah, fine as in searing hot and you could even cook an egg on your helmet.

Venue was Putrajaya, mosque carpark tobe specific. We decided to do the Powerman route plus two loops criterium around the big roundabout with a park on its hill.

We ended up cycling for approx 50km or so. A mixture of interval, speed and pacing training all in one. Fasek was cursing like mad. The hot weather pushed his temperature even higher and when he thought switching to a roadie would be easier than the MTB, he was greeted with the unforgiving scorching heat.

As we reached the car park again, all were not done yet. We changed to our running shoes and hit the road towards PICC. He got his first taste on how does it feels to be running after cycling. His first transition.... sort of. We turned back at the roundabout as the heat was a bit to strong on both of us. We did approc 3km or so. I thought that was enough as an introduction to duathlon.

For me, it was good to be back into serious training and the brick session reminded the muscles of what to be expected in the coming months when the season starts.

To Fasek, it was a gallant effort and watch out guys... he'll be around sometime soon.


Fadil said...

ya.. ya.. it was hot.Next time kita bawak 4 big bottles of 100 plus.. 3 botol tak cukup....

Upiq said...

bawak support crew....

Yang dok kat umah tuh, ko seret jer dia kuar, jaga air n jaga makan kita... hehe

Anonymous said...

upiq, yr tajuk of yr post, 'break ker brick'?? hehe


Upiq said...

Brick larrr...

mangkuk hayun