Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Race Report - NB15k

This is a long-outstanding post. Didnt have time to update immediately. enjoy reading it.

I had only slept for slightly more than 4 hours before the alarm clock woke me up at 5am. Groggy head and body was tired. Maybe I havent fully recovered from the hard cycling training i had the day before and the lack of sleep and insufficient rest made it worse. My butt and right thigh were still tight. I felt a tinge of pain on my right knee as well.

I was contemplating of ditching the race until a reflection flashed in upon me on all the efforts that i had poured into training. The mileage, the hours spent, the agony, the pain, the recovery and many other sacrifices that went into preparing for the race. Can this be pre-race nervous attack? Sometimes one can easily forget all the hard work when facing adversity and choosing to quit is always the easy way out.
Anyway, after a quick breakfast - we left the house and got to Lake Garden at around 630am and it was still dark. Pitch black. As this was my first road run race, i was amazed with the number of runners at the park. Ramai giler siol.

Walking to the park, i had visualised the kind of run that i would do but it didnt help much as i know even know the actual running route!! Yeah, my fault. I should have asked people about the actual route then strategize my run. Anyway, it didnt matter because i didn't have any lofty target. I knew i had done enough training and personally, i just wanna finish the run. No matter how long it would take me to do it.

Race started at precisely 7am. I saw the Kenyans lining up in front and as the horn went off, within minutes they were gone already.

While i was treading slowly amongst the mortals at the back, I looked around and it was inspiring to see pakciks, uncles, oversized guys participating in the event. Running is for everybody - all ages, shapes and sizes. All you need is a sports shoe and you can grab anything from your wardrobe to wear as long as it is comfortable to you.
From starting point, the route took us to Memorial Tun Razak - Masjid Negara - Bukit Aman car park - Bank Negara - Tijani - Double Hill - Tugu Negara - Lake Garden.

In the first km, i was kinda warming up (yeah, i should have warmed up earlier) and people kept zooming and flying through leaving me behind like a sad tortoise. At times, I felt pathetic for not being able to catch up with them. But who cares, it's not about beating others. It's about beating yourself. I kept reminding myself not to be influence by the pace of others even if he's your friend. Azmar, Laif, CK, Juli, Adeline, Jamil, Mac and a few other LeTuangs passed me too. I kept the speed to my own capability.

I ran so slow and upon reaching the foot of double hill, i had resigned to walking only. Double hill had many others walking or running at walking pace. I guessed once you walked, you tend to walk again. I did just that. haha... sakit sket jer, naik bukit sket jer, terusss jalan kaki...

Anyway, I had two mini packs of Sunmaid raisins (one each at 6km and 10km) and Powergel (at 12km). Two water stations served plain water. i was like ?????? paid RM45 and they gave plain water only ker? Dah larrr, wa dapat singlet size M. Haiyaaa... at least they could have served isotonics at the 10km mark.
As we were approaching the hill before Tugu Negara, i paced myself against this one slightly bigger built guy. I noticed he was consistent all the way. I walked and jogged but kept telling myself that i should never loose sight of him. He practically became my target and followed his pace.

Upon entering Lake Garden, my legs were still good despite the stress pain which popped up once in awhile.

By now, i could hear the noise at the finishing line. In any race, every time i hear the loud noise coming out from the speaker, I would get pumped up. Suddenly, the adrenalin rushed right to the brim and the legs got the energy from i dunno where.

Wifey waited patiently from his man to cross the finishing line. Her first time she's withnessing it.

After almost 2 hrs (i didnt time the run cos i left my watch at home), very slowly - i crossed it. I lifted both my hands in the air while saying my quiet prayer to the divine. To some people, maybe there's nothing to shout about in completing a 15km run but not for me. For somebody who weighs more than 100kg, it was a big deal. It makes more emotional having wifey and lil sister waiting at the finishing line. I kept telling myself, i have my loved ones waiting patiently at the line and i must finish it. No two-way about it.

I punched my hands into the air. The feeling and satisfaction was unbelievable. I'm addicted to it. My inner self simply exploded in frenzy and no words can ever described it (or at least, i dunno how to put it in writing). The sense of achievement was in its purest form regardless whatever position you came in the end. Best....

My biggest fans.

After the race, i went round the plaza and met some familiar faces. Here, Jamil... fast runner

Arif... two-time Ironman

Letuang office bearer, Chomel. Juli, Ironman - another fast runner.

Letuang chieftain. Chief Kutu. Dont play2 with this old man. He can put anybody 20 years his junior to shame. Easily.

Zul, Triathlete Cap Ayam - Ironman oso. Very fast runner too.

One for the album. The slow coach.


yipwt said...

important thing is you made it! congrats...

Anonymous said...

Congrats bro! I am taking all your thoughts to my swimming ... i can do eettt ...


Fong said...

ur post is very inspiring.. cgts..

zulhassan said...

jangan stop ya Upiq.. perjuangan kita teruskan.

Upiq said...

yip - your numerous achievements made this one looked like a sissy feat

Eraser - im sure you can do eeeeet..

Fong - i hope to share my experiences with all the average joe's out there and show them that nothing is impossible.

Zul - Ya. Semoga perjuangan ini berpanjangan...

Fadil said...

aku setakat 5KM bolehlah aku follow..tapi kalau 15KM , ko bagi aku lagi 4 bulan..

Upiq said...

tak lamer lagi bleh larr tuh Dil...