Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One had been reminded. Many many times before by people (triatheletes, IM as such and even Mark Allen) had mentioned that NEVER gatal2 trying new equipment close to a race or on the race day. Best is, to know your equipment before hand and if possible use your training equipment for the race itself.

Their advices are commonly known, widely accepted and proven to be true.

Yours truly, being a newbie - chose to be ignorant and ignored the advice he did. Typical of a beginner's naivety.

A day before the Mizuno 2008 run, he decided to attend the Nike Lunar shoe trials. As eager as a beaver, he was at the Bukit Aman at 6am and excited about having the chance to become one of the world's biggest sports manufacturer shoe tester.

He chucked his loyal and reliable NB 1224 into the car boot and swapped it with the more stylish and glamourous Nike Lunar. Proudly, he whizzed off expecting great things to happen around the Lake Garden.

An hour later and after all the intimate moments with the Lunar, he had to limp back to the Nike booth in pain. Blisters on both feet....!!!

Padan muka. Kasut glamer punya pasal, hampeh pon tarak. Dapat sakit ada lerrr....



big easy said...

nike sux. period.

cosmetic shite over function.

OP Kam said...

Yeah.... Nike sucks! I stopped buying nikes shoes long time ago.

Anonymous said...


Upiq said...

Big Easy & Kam - well, i dont really despise Nike in totality but the Lunar model definitely not for me. Ive heard other models like Pegasus or Romero which are quite good for heavy people.

Anonymous - Thanks for the motivation shot - it worked instantly. It's people like you than keeps me going. Peace.

inamukhtar said...

MAde in China el cheapo shoes sold here for 100 times it's price just because of the name