Thursday, October 23, 2008


Check this out....

My company's Total Sickness Absence (TSA) is at 1.6. It simply means - for everyday other day, there were 1.6 people went on medical leave for the last six months and the company feels this is a bit tad too much considering total loss of mandays, increase in medical costs, waste of resources etc.

Thus, to tackle the problem my company is running a fitness programme for her employees and the programme is called LifeLINE. How cool is that..!?

At the moment, the management have provided a small budget enough to cover for 10-15 people only. This is the first time the company is running it and it is part of the overall Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Those who gets into the programme will be the guinea pigs. If the programme prove to be successful, the company will increase the budget up to five times next year.

Wahlauuuu... what a pleasant surprise, huh..!?

To get into the programme, one has to go through a complete medical examination to assess one's physical condition incl BMI, BMR, fat %, blood sugar level, cholesterol level etc etc(sponsored by the company) and interview sessions by professional trainers (sponsored by company). Once your physical conditions has been established, you'l' be assigned to a trainer which will come with complete 6-months training programme (sponsored by company) and dietitians to advise and monitor our diet (sponsored by company too).

The company will also build a gym specifically for the programme in our office which will eventually be part of employee recreation facilities. (of course, sponsored by company)

The programme will be run either during lunch time (1-2pm) or afte work (5-7pm) and participants are allowed to choose to suit their time with minimal or ZERO interruptions to their working time.

The company will also run a soft competition among the participants and winners (such as the most kgs or the most inches loss) will be rewarded and added into their appraisal.

The best part is, our superiors will be told in advance that his/her employee has been accepted into the programme and they must be released from their jobs for the sake of training! Our superiors must sign an undertaling letter giving their commitment to the cause. Amazing, kan....?

As you can see, the company will pay almost EVERYTHING (except supplements & additional personal equipment) relating to the programme and cost per head is estimated at RM2-2.5k. The catch is, if you fail to achieve the target set due lack of commitment, you may have to pay back 25-75% depending on your reasons.

Am i excited? of course, i am. I have registered and hopefully i'l get selected.

Please please please please let be part of the of the programme.

anybody wanna join my company....? drool guysss....


big easy said...

im looking to join a company which gives out free lunch to their employees.


Upiq said...


Join PLKN set-up larr..

free breakfast, free tea break, free lunch, free tea break again, free dinner and free supper.

terk said...

good luck upiq. hopefully this program will give alot of benefits to you and your current program

J said...

best siot!

bola2api said...

i wish they'd select u..

alang2, patut company u set satu lagi syarat.. kena tulih dlm diary/jurnal/blog about your daily routine hahaha...

that should be fun to read :)

missjewelz said...

upiq,whats on ur calendar for 20th december ?


missjewelz said...

alamak..tersalah window plak....sorry... byk sgt bukak blog org..hahhahah

missjewelz said...

eh betol la... upiq... sorry..hahah.. i thought i commented on another person's blog..sheeshh..sowiii

Upiq said...

Terk - hopefully i pass the interview.

J - mmg best. harap2 leh commit time.

bola2api - menarik gak, kan? maybe i just record for my own use.

missjewelz - 20th December... hmmm.. tak plan aper2 lagi. wasup?

zulhassan said...

20 dec |? nak dating ke?