Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beef Macaroni

I have an Iftar potluck gathering tonite in Sg Buloh at SK's house.

Everyone has to bring something and i told wifey what should i bring to the gathering. I had a few options already but considering the people coming are mostly triathletes and food concious people, i was down to bringing healthy food.

Wait a sec, healthy food? nahh... what the heck.... let's carbo load. That would be a better choice. The guys wanted satay kambing but i just dunno where to get it during this fasting month. I will try to get it later anyway.

In the end, we decided to cook beef macaroni. Carbo loaded protein with vegetable as fibre. Healthy enough larr...

This ws how it was done.

Simple ingredients.

Tomato puree, chilli boh, blended garlic and onion. Eggs for finishing touch. Salt for taste.

Thinly sliced cabbage for fibre.

500gm macaroni. boiled with a pinch of salt. Strained.

Tumis all the ingredients together gether and add the mince meat. the aroma is heaven. Fasting make more challenging.
add salt and keep stirring the mix. let it simmer. The smell will invade the whole kitchen.

Add macaroni and stir until well covered with the beef sauce.
Add two/three eggs depending on your preferences. Cover the eggs with macaroni and let it cooked underneath. Stir well.
Add cabbage and stir well. Keep the heat low. You just wanna let the cabbage wilt in the heat. not overly cook it.

Beef macaroni with eggs.
Enjoy.. Le Tuang...


Miss J said...

eh chewahhh... tu daun per lu amik tu? hahaha

Ain Bubuk said...

pergh! ;p fiq's oliver in d house!

Miss J said...

yong yang masak.. dia tukang cerita je.. kahkah

Dancing Ciken said...

thanks upiq! now i can make one, memang sedap, nyum nyum

Ain Bubuk said...